Reduce, Reuse  & Recycle


Reduction of waste is one of the key points when going green. The less we use the less we throw away... and the more we save. We save not just money, but the local environment and ultimately the planet.



Reduction means we use less. It is about finding solutions that can cut back on our consumption, which is damaging for nature.

Buy products made from recycled materials


  • If you need to use plastic bags - use recycled ones - or use them more than once.

  • Use recycled paper


Choose electronics and appliances that are energy-efficient.


  • Use energy saver light bulbs

  • Switch lights, fans, ACs etc. off when you leave the room

  • Get green certificate appliances

  • Set washing machine at ECO settings

  • Buy front loading washing machines

  • Switch TV and computers off when not using them

  • Let clothes dry outside rather than in a dryer


Walk or bicycle rather than getting in the car or Tuk tuk


  • It's good for your heart and your health to walk and bicycle... and you get fitter

  • It cuts back on pollution and traffic


Avoid overly packaged goods and plastic


  • Use a reusable fabric bag when shopping

  • Use old cardboard boxes at supermarkets rather than plastic bags


Buy local - think global. Less energy is used on transport the closer the goods are


  • Save mony on expensive bottled soaps for your hotel or home - buy pottery bottles that can be re-used.

  • Buy locally. Oftentimes imported goods have extra packaging

  • Buy in bulk


Avoid things made with toxic materials, such as most household cleansers.


  • Use organic cleaning materials (See Organic) 

  • Use vinegar to get off limescale

  • Use less washing powder when washing clothes


Cut back on water use at home.


  • Put a brick in the cistern of your toilet - to cut back on water

  • Never let the water run when brushing teeth

  • Have a shower instead of a bath

  • Check regularly for leaks


When you reuse materials you not only save money you also help to save the environment. Use reusable materials where you can.



Don’t throw things away before considering if you can use it again. If you throw materials away consider that ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

Reuse products for the same purpose


  • ​Reuse materials as many times as possible f.ex. plastic bags (wash them if necessary)

  • Use cloth bags when shopping instead of plastic bags


Reuse products in different ways


  • Reuse cardboard boxes for shopping

  • Newspapers can be used as wrapping paper


Repair appliances instead of discarding them


Sell or donate materials you no longer need



  • ​Don't throw away clothes - give them as charity or sell them at the monthly Galle market


Use materials that are made for reuse


  • Use resealable boxes instead of plastic wraps

  • Use reusable water cooler and glass bottles instead of plastic bottles

  • Use glassware, pottery instead of plastic


Don’t just throw materials away – many things can be recycled into either the same material or new ones.


Making new items from recycled materials uses less energy and resources than making them from new materials.



Recycling is easy


  • Divide your rubbish into recyclables and non recyclables

  • Recyclables include: plastic, glass, tins and cans, paper and cardboard

  • Take the recyclables to your local recycling centre

  • The rubbish will go to recycling plants and be made into new items






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