Some of the most damaging items we use every day can easily be replaced by biodegradable and organic substitutes. Some of them are free and most of them easy to make or find!


We would love to hear from anyone who knows of places to procure organic foodstuffs or items, or have ideas for innovative organic substitutes for everyday items.

The Galle Good Market


Every Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm Court Square in Galle Fort is transformed into a teeming market with vendors selling an array of organic produce. It is a great place to find everything from organic fruit and vegetables,  tea and fresh juices to upcycled bags – often accompanied by live music.



Drinking straws


Over 500 million plastic straws are produced every day and the majority of these end up in our oceans where the are part of the top ten marine debris items.


A great way to tackle this problem is to use organic straws. They are free and biodegradable.


Here’s how:

1: Cut a stem of a Papaya plant. Then cut the stem to the size you’d like the straw to be.

2: take a bowl and add 1 L of iced water + ½ a dl of salt – and stir.

3: Leave the straws in the bowl of iced water for an hour - And then they are ready to use and can safely be disposed of.

Shopping bags


Plastic bags are one of the greatest hazards to the environment as between 500 billion and on trillion plastic bags are used each year worldwide.


Why not have ‘bags for life’ made out of old fabrics, canvas, old clothes – anything really is possible – and they free and all biodegradable.


Here you can find more than 50 patterns of grocery bags you can make.

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