The Great Galle Beach Clean Up 04.06.16

Greener Galle has in cooperation with Saving Sri Lanka organised two beach clean ups on Galle Fort Beach and Dewatta Beach on 4 June, 2016. The project has received support from several environmental organisations and local residents. Both beaches face the same issues as most beaches in Sri Lanka - huge amounts of plastic waste which threaten marine life.

The Galle Good Market Beach Clean Up 03.09.16

Greener Galle is cooperating with The Galle Good Market in organising a beach clean up on Galle Fort Beach on 3 September, 2016. Kindly meet at Dourt Square a 8 am for the beach clean up, which starts at 8.30 am till 10.30 am. The ocean takes care of us - Let's return the favour!

Parappuduwa Island Clean up 15.05.16

Greener Galle was contacted by the monks, who reside on Parappaduwa Island on Rathgama Lake in the southern province of Sri Lanka, after they were inundated with waste, which had been disposed by local residents. It took 15 volunteers five hours to clear the island and the recyclables were separated and sent for recycling.

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