Direct action for a greener future.

Greener Galle is an initiative to create a better environment for locals and visitors alike. Following ten core principles our aim is to create a greener and more sustainable Sri Lanka.

Greener Galle | For a better environment in Sri lanka

We are a group of business owners along with like-minded people that have come together to try to create a greener and more sustainable Sri Lanka.


Our aim is to make it easier for the vendors and residents, as well as visitors to be environmentally friendly.


We encourage people throught ten core principles of sustainable practices to adopt a greener lifestyle. Through campaigning and offering social support Greener Galle helps out with environmentally friendly projects.


If you are a vendor or resident in the Galle area why not              


You not only help yourself, but your local community and ultimately - our home - Planet Earth.


We are completely non-political and 100% green

Be the change you wish to see in the world... 

- Mahatma Gandhi - 



Greener Galle is working in cooperation with Galle Municipal Council and Eco Sans Plastic to set up a plastic waste recycling centre.

Beach cleaning


Greener Galle organise regular clean ups to mitigate the disastrous state of most beaches, which are overflowing with plastic and other waste.

Plant a tree


In order to offer tourists a way to off set their flights Greener Galle is planning a carbon offsetting forest where travellers can sponsor a tree.

Make Galle Fort
Plastic Bag Free


Greener Galle is planning a campaign to ban plastic bags from galle Fort.




10 principles of going green

Animal Welfare


Help make sure that your actions on holiday don’t support animal suffering.  Animal cruelty is often a by-product of tourism – so your decisions matter!

These are ten principles you can embrace to look after the environment 


Please feel free to contact Greener Galle if you are interested in volunteering, partnering with us - or have any questions. We strive to get back to you as soon as possible.

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